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Workshop by Emma Haugh and Suza Husse

Hydra Reading Troupe Workshop #01 SPEAKING AS FISHES

A collaged reading of The Many Headed Hydra through the body sorcery of Quota Queen

24 Jan 2016 - 11 Feb 2016

As a preliminary surfacing of Emma Haugh and Suza Husse’s The Many-Headed Hydra performance and publication project, this workshop will be a collaged reading of Bryndís Björnsdóttir’s art work Quota Queen (2015) and texts from The Many- Headed Hydra. Sailors, Slaves, Commoners, and the Hidden History of the Revolutionary Atlantic (2000) by Peter Linebaugh and Marcus Rediker. Along with other fragments of text, image, film and pop music, from these works we will develop approaches to animate the voice of the fish as an ambiguous presence countering the (neo-)colonial currency traversing oceans, bodies and forms of knowledge.  

The workhshop is presented as part of KEEP FROZEN Projects  in Leipzig and Reykjavík:

24.1.2016, 11-17h, Kunstkraftwerk 

in the frame of  SEA BODY INFRASTRUCTURE IMAGE. An Artistic Research Symposium (22.-24.1.2016) at Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig 

11.2.2016, 13-16.30 h, Hverfisgalleri 

in the frame of RECLAIMING LANDSCAPE (11.-12.2.2016) at the Iceland Academy of Arts and Hverfisgalleri, Reykjavík.


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